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Baby Portraits

Baby portrait sessions are the perfect way to capture your growing baby's personality! 

From intense stares, to cheeky little smiles, to dropping the bottom lip, you can be assured that a milestone session will capture just about 

every one of the different faces your gorgeous babe likes to pull. 

The best time to have a baby portrait session is when your baby can at least hold his or her head up quite well for a few minutes. As your baby reaches other milestones such as sitting, you will have more variety in your gallery, as I will be able to introduce props for your baby to sit in. 

These sessions are perfect if you missed out on booking a newborn session, and they are also perfect as a follow up to a newborn session so that you can compare just how much your baby has grown in such a small amount of time!

Sessions are held in our North Kellyville studio, or if you prefer, you may also have your session held outdoors at one of our beautiful locations within The Hills District.

Interested to know more? Get in touch!