Family Sessions

A family photo session is so much fun! They are the perfect way to capture your family as it is right now - Yes, even if 

things are a little chaotic (maybe even crazy), now is the perfect time to schedule a family photo session. 

These sessions are all about capturing your children's gorgeous personalities along with the bond you share with your family. I will capture each child individually, siblings together, mum and dad alone with the children and images of the whole family together. I will take a couple of posed, looking at the camera images, but I will also take some of those natural, completely unscripted moments as that is when the connection between you and your family will shine the most. 

Upon booking a session, I will contact you to discuss when you'd like to hold the session and I will suggest a location/s that I think will work best given the time of year and the overall look you'd like to achieve from your session. I will also discuss styling to help you choose your clothing for the session to ensure that you will have images that are worthy of printing as statement pieces in your home. 

So when is the right time to book a session? NOW! There is never a perfect time - your child may have a tooth missing, they may have cut a piece of their hair, or you might be worried about those extra few kilos you are carrying from enjoying yourself at Christmas. The reality is, even when those things are back to being perfect, there will be something else that isn't - So my suggestion is to book anyway. Life goes by so quickly and the life we know today could be completely different tomorrow. So why wait? 

Get in touch to secure your booking today!


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