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Maternity Sessions


Maternity sessions are best held during 28 and 34 weeks of pregnancy as this is when most mum to be's are feeling their best and have a noticeable baby bump. You may choose to leave it till a little later, however it's quite common for babies to arrive from 36 weeks onwards so it's best to get in a little early rather than miss out completely! 

Maternity sessions are the ultimate way to capture just how amazing your body really is. I mean you are growing an entire human in your body and a maternity session will ensure that you look glamorous doing so! 

With both studio and outdoor sessions on offer, you can choose a session that reflects you and your personality. 

Studio sessions are fully posed and with some different lighting techniques will provide you with a series of glamorous, artful and contemporary portraits. For something a little out of the ordinary, you may want to try some nude or boudoir style images too! 

Outdoor sessions, whilst posed, offer a very a natural feel. I am quite fussy about photographing as close to sunset as possible to photograph in what photographer's call 'Golden Hour'. I have a few locations across Sydney that I adore and prefer to photograph at all of which will be discussed once you have booked your session and we begin the planning phase. 

Maternity gowns, fabrics and accessories are all provided for you to use during your maternity session. 

Newborn Sessions


Newborn sessions are held in my Hills District photography studio. They are held within the first few weeks after the birth of your baby, preferably in the first 14 days as that is when baby's are usually still nice and sleepy and also still enjoy being curled up into womb like positions. 

Sessions take around 2-3 hours depending on how your baby is on the day. I am quite a relaxed photographer and am happy to stop for feeding, cuddles and nappy changes as necessary to ensure your baby is happy and relaxed! 

I take a variety of images using several props, wraps, headbands and accessories to provide you with a gallery that is cohesive, yet is filled with lots of different images for you to choose your favourites from. 

Parents and siblings are included in each of my packages.

Older baby and Milestone sessions

Lucas -8989.jpg

Milestone portraits are held when your baby can sit independently and also when your baby is about to celebrate his or her first birthday. These sessions are so much fun and as your baby is older, I will be able to capture your little one's personality and hopefully a few giggles too!

If I have photographed your baby as a newborn and you decide to have a milestone session, I will generally pick one or two props used from the newborn session to use again during the milestone session so you can see just how much your little one has grown in such a short time. 

Cake Smash

Madden CS-0125.jpg

Oh how fun these sessions are! They are definitely one of my fav sessions to photograph! Cake smash sessions are held in my studio and generally take around 30-60 minutes depending on your chosen package and your baby on the day. 

With the exception of my basic cake smash package, my packages include cake smash styling to suit your desired colour scheme. Packages include decorations, the outfit for your baby to wear and a super cute bubble bath in my mini bath tub at the end of the session. 

If you intend to use the photo's from the cake smash for your Childs birthday, I suggest booking the session in for a minimum of 3 weeks before the date that you will need your photo's. 

Children's Portrait Sessions


These portrait sessions are held in my studio and are a fine art photography session that requires children to be able to take direction and sit still for a few minutes at a time. I generally recommend these sessions for children aged 4 and up, however if your child is younger and is able to take directions well, I'd be happy to chat about holding one of these sessions for you. 

These sessions focus on individual children, however if you have more than one child, I am certainly happy to take a few sibling photographs for you also. 

Sessions take around 1-2 hours depending on how many children you have. 

Family Portrait Sessions


Family sessions are the perfect way to document your family at this very point in time. Even if the kids are still in that crazy stage, I feel that it is important to take the photo's anyway because believe it or not, when this phase is over, you will actually miss it someday - I am speaking from experience when I say this. 

For families I highly recommend an outdoor photography session as kids are so much more relaxed outside and that generally means naturally happy photo's! 

I have a variety of locations that I use depending on the time of year that it is and the overall look you are hoping to achieve. These sessions can be as casual as you like or as formal as you like. This is something that we will discuss once you book your session in.

If you prefer more of a classic look, then a studio session may be more suited to you. 

During a family session, I will take images of each child individually and all of the siblings together. I also take images of the whole family together, mum with the kids, dad with the kids and lastly mum and dad on their own. I will capture a variety of typical posed portraits, as well as some of those natural fun loving moments that will happen during those in between moments on the day. 

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